A complete home design experience, as custom as you’d like it to be

We price our projects by the square foot, scope, and complexity. During the initial design consultation and project discovery phase, you’ll work with one of our residential design specialists to determine the scale of your custom design. 

Your design experience can be fully-custom from the ground up, or you can use a home from our portfolio as inspiration for your own custom design. Either way, you’ll receive plans for a home that is custom to you, and designed to compliment you and your family’s lifestyle.

Custom Home Design

Priced To Your Specific Project’s Needs


What’s Included In Our Fees

Custom Design Experience

As our client, you’ll receive our complete custom home design experience that is tailored to your needs, lot size, budget, and any potential subdivision requirements. 

3D Renderings & Elevations

Our in-house team of 3D modeling specialists will deliver truly remarkable architectural visualizations, that will be both useful to you and your builder, leaving no questions as to how the home was designed to look.

Professional Project Management

One of our residential design specialists will manage your project from start to finish, ensuring that you’re delivered buildable plans for a truly custom home, within your build-budget.

Buildable Construction Documents

You’ll receive buildable construction documents that include architectural plans that include site, floor, roof framing, exterior elevations (all 4 views), typical wall sections, specifications, and electrical plans.


Our refined home design experience allows you to customize your home as much as you’d like, within your budget. To help with the design process, our 3D architectural visualization team will build a model of your custom design, so you’ll be able to see your home before it’s built and know exactly what your constructed house should look like. Working one-on-one with a residential design specialist who will act as your dedicated project manager will ensure that you’ll receive buildable construction documents for a home that you’ll love to live in for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does designing a custom home cost?

Our prices start at $3.00/Sqft; however, depending on the complexity and scope of the project, the price per square foot may increase.

How long does the design process take?

We like to work at our client’s pace and on average most of our projects take roughly 90 days from proposal to construction doc delivery. 

During the design process, most of the holdups come during the revision phases, as decisions need to be made and elements of the design need to be signed off on. There are big decisions to be made during the design process and we allow all the time needed to make those decisions.

Once revisions have been finalized, and plans have been signed off on, we work diligently to finalize and deliver your construction documents as efficiently as possible. 

How many revisions do I get?

Our plans are fully custom, and we want you to love the house that we design for you, that’s why we offer a set of revisions during each phase of the project. 

Additional sets of revisions are possible but will incur additional charges. 

Can you design homes outside of Louisiana?

Yes, from New York to Washington to Texas, we’ve had the pleasure of working with clients from across the country. 

Do you supervise during the building process?

No, all supervision during the construction phase is handled by your builder; however, we do communicate with them as needed to help them ensure the home is built to your design specifications. 

Do I have to provide you with anything?

Yes, in order to deliver buildable construction documents, you will need to provide us with accurate plot/site information in the form of a land survey and construction benchmarks (i.e property size, building setbacks, elevation requirements, site utilities, soil information, etc).

Will you help us during our subdivision review?

Yes, we have designed homes in most of the major subdivisions throughout Louisiana, and we are familiar with most of their requirements.

As a courtesy to you, we will submit all the necessary documents to your subdivision review committee, so that your plans are approved as quickly as possible.

Ready To Get Your Project Started?

 Our initial design meetings offer you a no-obligation chance to learn more about our design styles and our project management practices. If you’re interested in scheduling yours, reach out today and get the process started!

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